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The consultation process is very simple. Fill out the form, select the time and date for the meeting, and attend it remotely or in person.

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If you are struggling with lifestyle changes or experiencing health problems trying to lose weight, now you can lose weight without visiting the clinic physically.

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We are ready to provide you the best services for weight loss programs, hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, and immunity strengthening programs online during telemedicine and soon in our medical centers in Brooklyn and Manhasset.

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Our doctors will consult you via live video chat and offer you options for your treatment. Our weight loss programs usually include laboratory tests, which must be done before starting weight loss or hormone replacement therapy programs for men and women.
The doctor will order your tests online, and you can get tested in any laboratory of your choice.

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We know that everyone wants to lose weight quickly, effectively, without any special effort! We can offer you individual, safe, and effective medical weight loss programs that will lead to significant changes in your life.

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