Lev J Paukman, MD

How to stay young

We all want to live longer – this is a goal, but these extra years will not make much difference if you do not feel healthy and energetic. Today, thanks to modern medicine, you can try to help your body become younger than your chronological age by following a few necessary steps to longevity.

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See what you can do today to make your body younger and firmer, in months and years.
New anti-aging medicine: peptide therapy.

Many factors contribute to the definition of “biological age.” Peptides can improve the physiology of the human body so that you can “beat time”. Peptide therapy will allow you to be biologically younger, regardless of your actual age.

Life exists thanks to two molecules: peptide proteins that carry information, and DNA, which is the matrix, is not active in itself. When peptides bind to a specific region of DNA, that is, to a part of a gene, specific proteins are synthesized, life arises.

Peptide therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for many diseases. What are peptides – these are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of the proteins of the whole organism. Peptides promote the release of anti-inflammatory substances to relieve pain, enhance hormone production, and help reduce weight, improve sleep, mood, and enhance muscle energy and strength.

To be young and healthy – no matter how trite it may sound – you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. With age, even in a healthy person, the involution of vital body systems begins. All of them are gradually aging. The first, as a rule, the immune, neuroendocrine, and central nervous systems are affected by external and internal factors.

Therefore, after 35 years, it is advisable to think about preventing age-related changes in your body, properly organize your regime and choose a peptide-based recovery and rejuvenation program, since the use of peptide bioregulators is the path to active longevity.

A small fact for you: there are currently over 60 FDA-approved peptides in the US market.

Most common uses of peptides are to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, improve energy and sexual functions. The most commonly prescribed peptides act to naturally increase growth hormone levels for better skin and hair recovery.
The benefits of peptides:

  • Increases muscle growth through the development of new muscle cells
  • Decrease in body fat due to the breakdown of adipose tissue
  • Increased energy, strength and stamina
  • sleep improvement
  • Increased collagen production
  • Increased cell recovery and regeneration
  • Accelerates wound healing and faster tissue repair after injuries and surgeries
  • strengthening immunity
  • improves regulation of other hormones
  • increased libido
  • Increased natural production of human growth hormone

Peptides Therapy

Active Сompound and DosagePrice
Sermoreline/GHRP6/GHRP2 15/6/20MG$500.00
Sermoreline/GHRP6/GHRP2 6/3/15MG$450.00
Sermoreline/GHRP6/GHRP2 9/9/9MG$450.00
Sermoreline 6MG$450.00
Sermoreline 15 MG$450.00
Ipamoreline 9MG$500.00
Thymosin Alpha 1 3000mcg/ml 5mL$450.00