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Signature Facial

Signature Facial
  • Extractions Ultrasound cleaning
  • Massage
  • Mask
  • Duration 60 min

$ 150.00

  • Ultrasound cleaning
  • Mini massage
  • Mask
  • Duration 30 min

$ 75.00

  • TAMA device is used to stimulate facial tissues to promote a healthier, glowing, and toned facial appearance. This safe electrical stimulation promotes normal muscle activity, and as a result, the face looks brighter and rejuvenated.
  • Duration 20 min

$ 100.00

Light therapy for the face is a hardware treatment that helps fight skin aging, acne, pigmentation, and inflammatory diseases. The procedure activates the processes of natural cellular renewal of the skin using the energy of a light-emitting diode, which is completely painless and safe. For a lasting effect, we recommend taking a course of procedures. The first result will be noticeable after several sessions.

LEDDuration 30 min
Price $50
LED 3 Sessions PackagePrice $135
LED+IPLDuration 15 min
Price $50
  • Ultrasound is the effect of high-frequency sound vibrations, micro-vibrations, which cause micro-massage at the cell level. Ultrasound therapy makes it possible to painlessly cleanse the skin of dead cells and comedones, normalize the production of sebum, and stimulate the processes of cell regeneration and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen.

    Since Ultrasound loosens the connective tissue structures, it removes scars and, post-acne scars, stretch marks. After a course of ultrasound therapy, the price of which depends on the type and number of procedures, the skin becomes homogeneous, fresh, and toned. Its healthy radiance, elasticity, and firmness are restored, and the depth and number of wrinkles are reduced. Pimples, pustules, and acne disappear.

  • Duration 20 min

$ 50.00